Posted 10/10/2016

Moving can be expensive and exhausting, both mentally and physically.

With some strategic planning, patience and discipline, you can take some of those stresses away.

Out with old:

Are there things you’ve had in storage for a long time with the thought you will use it? Or are there clothes you’re holding on to hoping the style comes back…but had that thought for the last 7 years? Either donate those items or turn them into cash from a consignment store.

Don’t purchase boxes:

You can find boxes at work, liquor stores and cruise behind strip malls as there are typically a lot of empty merchandise boxes.  Also, borrow plastic containers with lids from friends. They are sturdy and have handles for easy carrying.

Blankets and clothes for padding:

Use your own blankets, linens and clothes for padding fragile items. No need to buy bubble wrap that will inevitably end up in the trash…after you’ve popped the bubbles, of course!

A little every day:

Take your time packing. Spread it out over a couple months by packing a couple of boxes a day. This will alleviate the feeling of being overwhelmed, tired and stressed. Don’t forget you’re going to need the energy to unpack too!

Books, books, books, everywhere!

Books are heavy to carry and how many times do you read the same book over? So ask yourself which ones you can live without. You can turn your books into cash by selling them to a book store. These days you can read books online. No storage necessary.

Coffee filters:

Coffee filters can also be used to pack breakable items. Newspaper can leave behind ink on your hands when wrapping and unwrapping. You can find biodegradable coffee filters in stores and online.

Rental truck:

Rental trucks can be fairly inexpensive and the way to go when on a budget.  You are also in control of your own schedule.

Ask friends for help:

If you are on a budget and not moving across the country, ask for help from friends. Feed them pizza and beer and call it a day!

Make it fun:

Yeah, right! Well, try your hardest. With some good music, good company and good food, you can turn this daunting task into a fun, social event. While you’re getting rid of stuff, you might want to have an exchange party.  I’m convinced this could be way more fun than people think.

Compare DIY vs. professional moving services:

Although these tips are helpful, moving may just be a little too much to deal with. Seek out a professional service to see what they charge. If the price is too high, negotiate. If that doesn’t work, I can promise that you’ll suddenly find what it takes to become a DIY mover.

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