Posted 06/30/2017

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What is Title Insurance?

A title is a document that gives evidence of an individual’s ownership of property. Getting title insurance is one of the standard steps of purchasing a home.  Title insurance protects against claims from defects. Defects are things such as another person claiming an ownership interest, improperly recorded documents, fraud, forgery, liens, encroachments, easements and other items that are specified in the insurance policy.

Owner’s Policy vs. Mortgagee’s Policy

If you are taking out a mortgage on your home, you will be required to obtain a Lender’s Title Insurance Policy, also known as a Mortgagee’s Policy. This policy offers the same protections as an owner’s policy, such as the protections against invalid title, but cover the bank’s interest instead of yours.

The Owner’s Title Insurance Policy is to protect you, the home buyer, should the title passed to you be invalid, encumbered with a prior debt or lien, or should there be issues that affect the value of the land. Your coverage will last as long as you own your home.

When you buy title insurance for your property, a title company searches these records to find – and remedy, if possible – several types of ownership issues. Although you are not required to purchase an Owner’s Policy, it is advised to do so. Without it, you lack protection from claims against your ownership of the home such as hidden taxes, encumbrances, restrictions, and anything that devalues the home or is inaccurately recorded in the deed. Even though the chance of calling on the insurance for coverage is relatively low, the value on what you stand to lose if you go without coverage is high — you could, in fact, lose the house itself.

How much is Title Insurance and who pays for it?

The average cost of title insurance is around $1,000, but that amount varies widely from state to state and depends on the price of your home. In general, each policy price is based on the purchase amount of the home or the total amount of the loan.

A home-buyer purchasing a home with cash would pay for the title search, title report and title insurance. If the home-buyer is taking out a mortgage on the property, the lender requires the title search, report and insurance as a condition of making a mortgage on the property. However, the fees are still paid by the home-buyer as part of the settlement costs associated with the purchase of the property.  The home-buyer can certainly negotiate for the seller to pay for the title insurance.

Keep in mind that title insurance is not the same as home owner’s insurance.  Home owner’s insurance covers loss or damage to your home; other structures on your property; personal property kept in your home; loss of use; liability; and medical expenses for accidents that occur on your property.

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