Posted 11/21/2014

Written by MUI Loan Officer Scott Goodwin.

I’ve been involved in real estate some way or another since I was 12 years old.  Adding pages to the paper MLS listing books for my mom.  Then sweeping out new construction homes before carpet went down at 15.  Eventually getting my real estate license at 35.  Then finding my way into mortgages a few years later.

I’ve watched the market climb at a pace never seen before.  I also watched it drop at that same record speed.  Then the fall out of foreclosures and short sales.

It wasn’t pretty.  People losing their homes, their stability, their way of life.  Readjusting what’s important.  Most have made it through with a renewed list of what’s important.  Read adjusted lifestyles and priorities.

We seem to be in a market currently that is more balanced.  Values are slowly increasing at a pace I’d call good and safe.  So far we seem to be slowly recovering.  There is stability in the market place and that is good for all involved.

I’m here because no matter what the market climate is, there are people that want to buy and sell homes.  A place for their families to live and work and grow.  I have first-hand knowledge of the market to help you.  I have Realtor relationships, to help you.  I work at a company, Mortgages Unlimited, Inc. that has positioned themselves in such a way that they have become the oldest independent non- bank owned mortgage company in MN.

What does that mean?

It means that we are doing what others can’t, or won’t.  It means that I have direct access to underwriters and processors that work on the loans we fund.  It means that we get things done around here.  For you.  So you can move on time.  So you get the best possible rate and program in the marketplace.  It’s about you.

So if you would like it to be about you, give me a call and we’ll talk……about you.


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