Posted 10/27/2014

Here at Mortgages Unlimited, we love finding new and interesting technology that can help make your life a little bit easier. Last week we introduced on our social media pages two great apps, MoveTools from State Farm and the new and improved Google Maps & Street View. Both of these apps are extremely helpful, Google Maps & Street View can help you find that perfect neighborhood for you and your family; while the MoveTools helps you stay organized and make your move stress free once the neighborhood is found and the dream home is yours!

The new and improved Google Maps & Street View is a great tool for anyone! We find it most helpful when researching a neighborhood for a potential home, looking at different communities, and discovering local favorite’s right in your backyard! The more you use it the more it will adjust to your style. When researching a neighborhood you may find a local park you love; with Google Maps you can star that park on the map and Google will bring up other parks in your area as well as a direct way to get there. By using the app frequently, Google Maps will learn more about you and your favorite activities and will cater the results to you and your family. Another cool aspect of Google Maps is its’ Street View.  With Google Maps Street View you can explore neighborhoods at street level, almost as if you were walking down the block. With Street View you are able to experience neighborhoods that you may want to live in, without physically driving through it, saving you both time and money.

Once you’ve chosen the house, toured the neighborhood with the 360-degree Street View and checked out all of the local amenities, now it is time to use the app MoveTools from State Farm. MoveTools is one of our favorite apps because it helps take the stress out of moving and can help you stay organized throughout the entire event. Enter in your move-in date and it will create a week by week checklist of deadlines and tasks so you won’t feel like you have forgotten something. Another feature that really made this app something to talk about is the interactive packing screen. You can go from room to room in your house and virtually pack your items. MoveTools will label each box so you can easily identify the contents without actually opening the box. From there an inventory is created for your possessions and the location of each box. You can search the inventory to find any item and make notes about specific items. MoveTools is a great app that helps you keep track of your possessions, organizes your boxes, and helps you stay on top of your move. It’s like having your own personal moving team right in your pocket!

Google Maps is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices while State Farm’s MoveTools is only available for iPad and Android devices. Let us know your opinion on them and we would love to hear about apps that you love to use both in house hunting and moving.

Posted 10/08/2014

Have you ever noticed a house while you’re on a walk, driving down the street, or going for a jog and had to find out more information about it? We discovered an awesome app that can do just that – Homesnap!  With Homesnap, just snap a quick picture of the house with your phone and it will provide all the information you would need to know when house hunting. Homesnap is a trusted real estate search platform for people to explore homes and search with their mobile device. You can snap a photo of any home, nationwide and get information. This app is great for both real estate agents and just your average house hunter! One feature of this app that we found really interesting is that house hunters can “follow” real estate agents they know and trust and see what sort of houses they have up for sale and from there, schedule a showing right from their phone.

Another great addition to Homesnap , is Homesnap Pro; which is for real estate agents. Homesnap Pro makes it incredibly easy for agents to connect with their buyers and provide market info with just a tap of the finger. Real Estate Agents can create a profile page with all of their information making it extremely easy for potential buyers to connect with them. Agents can also access MLS Data, property history, other agent contact information, competitive agent data in the surrounding areas, and it can even create CMA reports! We, of all people, know how difficult it can be to find a home and, personally, we feel this app will make the journey a lot more fun and a lot less stressful! Homesnap is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

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