Posted 06/30/2013

FHA Loans have always been a great option for homebuyers, and will continue to be great, hopefully, for years to come. However there are some changes that are taking place in the program. Chris Fredin, CEO of MUI, was interviewed by KARE11 recently on the changes that are kicking in today. See the video clip at:

“Traditionally an FHA loan with less than 10 percent down would have to pay a mortgage insurance premium until you reached 22 percent equity. After that is reached the insurance premium would go away. With these changes, the Mortgage Insurance premium will now remain effective for the life of the loan with FHA” according to the article by KARE11.

Chris goes on to explain, “FHA is still going to be a good mortgage. It just seems like more people are getting cautious about the housing market but it’s strong and as the economy improves people will be able to buy and sell houses easier.”

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