Posted 10/15/2014

Our very own Steve Furlong from Mortgages Unlimited Bloomington office had his article, “The Industry’s Bright Future-Today’s Originators Must Be Masters-And Teachers-Of Their Trade,” published in this month’s issue of the Scotsman Guide!

Steve touches on how the mortgage industry has changed after the stock market crash and how young newcomers to the industry can learn a lot from the past. In the article, Steve states “Originators are now specialists-experts in their field – and they’re becoming increasingly relied upon by the real estate industry, homebuyers and the general public to provide expertise.” Steve then continues to compare the newcomers of the industry to a blacksmith’s apprentice. “One must be trained to do the job the correct way in order to avoid failure and obtain success. A skilled blacksmith, much like a skilled loan officer, ‘spends years learning our trade and constantly perfecting it while overcoming challenges – and occasionally getting burned a little.’ With a new horizon in front of them, the newcomers can observe the industry through the eyes of the true professionals and see the bright future this business can offer.”

Read the full article here to learn more!

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